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Minutes of the meeting held on January 8, 2018


On the basis of the Supplementary Elections held on December 15, 2017, the President of the Association of Certified Public Translators, Walid MOUSSALLEM,  has convoked for a meeting in order to distribute the positions within the administrative body and therefore, a meeting was held at the place of the Association at 02: 00 p.m. on Monday, January 8, 2018 in the presence of the colleagues Walid MOUSSALLEM, Ghassan HAJJ ALI, Maroun MONSEF, Elie NAYEL, Ali DAHER, Aline SAWAYA, Lama KALLAS, Fadi CHAKHTOURA, Georges YOUSSEF EL KHOURY and Hadi GEDEON.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Walid MOUSSALLEM thanked the members for assuming their duties during his mandate, wished all the success for the new council and requested the election of the President.

Colleague Ghassan HAJJ ALI stood as a candidate and won the position unanimously.

After that, the new president Ghassan HAJJ ALI presided the meeting and thanked the former president Walid MOUSSALLEM and the members of the council for their trust and called for the fulfillment of the other positions. The results were as follows:

- Colleague Walid MOUSSALLEM: Vice-President, by unanimous consent

- Colleague Maroun MONSEF: Secretary, by unanimous consent

- Colleague Fadi CHAKHTOURA: Secretary, by unanimous consent

- Colleague Georges YOUSSEF EL KHOURY: Delegate of the Syndical contribution, by unanimous consent

- Colleague Hadi GEDEON: Consultant, by unanimous consent

- Colleague Aline SAWAYA: Media Consultant, by unanimous consent

- Colleague Ali DAHER: Accountant, by unanimous consent

- Colleague Elie NAYEL: Public Relations Consultant, by unanimous consent

- Colleague Lama KALLAS: Consultant of the End of Service Compensation, by unanimous consent

Then, President Ghassan HAJJ ALI praised the unanimous consent, requesting the continuity of the work for the progress and prosperity of the Association. The meeting was adjourned at 02:30 pm after the minutes were signed by all the members.

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