Association of Certified Public Translators

Sworn Translators - Member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT)

End of Service Compensation

The Value of the compensation for the end of service shall be as follows:

The value of the minimum wage at the date of payment of the compensation x the number of years of subscription shall be paid in the following cases:

  • At the end of service as a sworn translator and consequently at the end of his affiliation with the Association.
  • At the retirement age determined for the Public Sector.
  • 20 years after his/her affiliation. 
  • At his/her death
    In this case, payment shall be made to the legal inheritors by virtue of the limitation of succession (The members who are affiliated before the date of ratification of the end-of-service compensation are allowed to settle the differences of the previous years within a period of three years according to the minimum wage on the date, provided that they do not benefit from Paragraph (a) and (b) before the passage of at least three years from the date of settlement of all their dues).

The request for collection of the end-of-service compensation shall be submitted by the concerned person or his/her legal representative, attached with a clearance, signed by the treasurer, discharging this person from any financial dues.

The compensation shall be paid within a period that does not exceed 2 months following the date of submission of the request; in case of failure to pay within the above-mentioned period, the concerned person enjoys the right to refer to the Department of Syndicates at the Ministry of Labor or to the competent court.