Association of Certified Public Translators

Sworn Translators - Member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT)


Distribution of positions of the Executive Body

Distribution of positions of the Executive Body as follows:

WalidRachid MOUSSALLEM : President

Samar HAMADE : Vice-president

Maroun MONSEF : Secretary

Hadi GEDEON : Treasurer

Ghassan HAJJ ALI : Delegate of the Syndical Contribution

Houssam RIHAN : Accountant

Ali DAHER  : Responsible of the end of service compensation

Aline SAWAYA : Media Consultant

Elie NAYEL : Public Relations Consultant

Nathalie BEKAI : Social Affairs Consultant

Report of the meeting of the complementary elections

The complementary elections of the Association of Certified Public Translators have taken place on December 18, 2015 at Smallville Hotel and the following sworn translators have won by acclamation: Ghassan HAJJ ALI, Ali DAHER, Aline SAWAYA, Nathalie BEKAI and Elie NAYEL.

The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik USEK has obtained the European Institutional Accreditation from Evalag

Invitation to the general assembly, complementary elections and annual dinner

Minutes of the meeting held on January 8, 2018

Training session

Training session on the Legal Translation

General Assembly and Complementary Elections